“Famous” Lovells Township Bridge Walk – August 15, 2020

This year’s Bridge Walk “Abridged, Abbreviated, Lite” was a success with over 100 residents walking the bridge and Dead Bear Brewing Company served 100 for lunch.  $3,000 was raised benefiting the heroes of our Fire & EMS Department!  Thank you to the volunteers and donors who made it possible!

Joan & Joan Petroff of Dead Bear Brewing Co.  along with Gordon Food Services

Rick & Terry Wright of Kelloggs Grocery

Warbler’s Hideaway Association

Grayling High School Marching Band Drum Line

Lovells Resident Volunteers:  Sally Brand, Marcia Boyd, John & Chris Dannunzio, Char Gauthier, Clay Inman, Denny & Cindy Inman, Randy Long, Heather Lovell, Jeanette Martin, John & Lee Ann Newlin along with their granddaughter Mya, Joanne Phillips, and Nancy Simonelli–Thanks for all your hard work!  See you next year for our 30th Anniversary:  August 21, 2021!