Compactor and Recycling Centers

A Friendly Reminder about Lovells Compactor and Recycling Centers

Just a friendly reminder that the Lovells Compactor and Recycling Centers, on Old 612 West of the Township Hall and North Down River, West of Kellogg’s Bridge are for Household Refuse Only.  Truckload quantities such as “clean-outs”, construction materials, etc. 

Reminder From Waste Management of Michigan on “Acceptable” Landfill Waste

Lovells Township Residents, Please refer to the attached note from our waste services provider, Waste Management of Michigan regarding items prohibited from landfill disposal.  This applies to anything brought to our Lovells Township Transfer Stations.  Please help Lovells Township to

Two Lovells Township Compactor and Recycling Centers

Locations North End Center is located on Old 612 (just west of the Township Hall) and the South End Station is located at 8879 E. North Down River Road (just west of McMasters Bridge Road). DO NOT LEAVE TRASH AT