Board Meetings

Minutes July 11, Lovells Township Board Meeting


Regular Meeting of the Lovells Township Board

July 11, 2023


PRESENT:  Cheryl Hopp, Heather Lovell, Ken Ball, Tamara Kengel and Gary A. Neumann.


ALSO PRESENTJo Johnson,  Dave Soderquist, Martha Duby, Bill Gregorsky, Ann Duby, Robert Krepps

Supervisor Neumann called the Board Meeting to order at 10:00AM   followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Reading and approval of the minutes of our Regular Board Meeting June 13, 2023.  No Questions/Comments. Neumann moved to accept the minutes from June 16, 2023 as presented, Lovell supported.  Voice Vote:  All Ayes.  MOTION CARRIED

PRE PAID VOUCHERS:            Neumann moved, Kengel supported a motion to approve June pre-paid vouchers From June 1, 2023 through June 30, 2023 as presented:  General Fund totaling $12,447.74; Direct Deposit Checks totaling $8,572.41; Fire Fund totaling $2,362.71; Landfill Fund totaling $7461.54; and Liquor Fund totaling $0.00.  Exceptional Items discussed were payment of past due to the Avalanche and Flags for the Cemetary.  In a roll call vote:  All Ayes.  MOTION CARRIED.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer’s June Report Received and Accepted as Presented.

Quarterly Profit and Loss : The Clerk’s Profit and Loss Report was Received and Accepted as Presented.

CORRESPONDENCE:   Noted a response to our Resolution in opposition to the MDNR/MNG MOU was received from State Senator Michele Hoitenga


AssessingA Board of Review will be held on July 18, 3:15 PM at the Township Hall for one case Pending

Fire/EMS Department –   Three Fire and Two Medical Runs.  Chief Lewicki is pleased to announce a new, younger member on the Fire Squad, Zach Kelly.  Welcome Zach!

Cemetery Sexton- No Report

Liquor Inspector- 3 Inspections, No issues noted

Zoning Administrator – 2 Permits Issued: 1 Access Step set (2 locations) to the River, 1 Pole Barn/Living Quarters + Greenhouse

Zoning Enforcement Officer – No Issues/ Citations


Board of Review – One Case is Pending and a BOR will be held July 18 at 3:15 to address.

Historical Society – No Meeting was held due to lack of Quorum. Fly-Fishing Clinic Scheduled for late July

Crawford County Planning Commission (CCPC)No Report

Lovells Township Planning Commission (LTPC) – Vacancies are filled, will be detailed at August Meeting.

Zoning Board of Appeals – No Activity

Lovells Media and Reading Center – The Book Boxes created by an Eagle Scout Candidate are actively being used and having to be refreshed.  As the Reading center has a surfeit of paperbacks (non-cataloged) that resource will be used to make up content in the boxes.


  1. Parks Committee:  With June Board Approval for establishment of a five-member unpaid Parks and Recreation Committee to advise the Board on these issues.  Sally Brand, Tamara Kengel and John Petroff have agreed to be members.  Neumann will nominate others soon.


  1. COLA increase for 2024: Neumann has researched the Federal Cost of Living Adjustments Currently @ 2.2% annually, he plans to budget for 3% increase for FY2024. Proposed Budgets will be distributed in August and Subject to a Public Hearing during our October Meeting.
  2. Township Flag: Express Copy Recommended Carrot-Top Industries as a flag fabricator. Discussion was made on the Flag Design and whether two separate images: Obverse (Fishing Image) and Reverse (Fire Logo) was appropriate.  It was suggested and agreed that the flag should carry the Fishing Image on both sides.  Kengel suggested adding the date of establishment of Lovells Township to that image.  Carrot-Top Quote of $260.33 has been accepted and if their work is acceptable, we will go ahead with the creation of a separate Fire/EMS flag.
  3. Planning Commission Appointment: Neumann ask for approval of the appointment of Nancy Simonelli to the Planning Commission, with a term expiring on 12/12/2025. She would replace Denny Inman in this role.
    1. By Voice Vote, the Appointment was approved.
  4. Propane Quote: Fick and Sons quoted Propane for the next heating season (10/1/2023-4/30/2024) at $1.599/ gal, a decrease from $1.749/gal last season.
    1. Neumann moved and Lovell supported to accept the Fick and Sons quote. In a Roll Call vote, all Ayes, Motion Carried


  1. County 612 Bridge Work is delayed until mid-late July as of today. This may change.
  2. Our Resolution opposing the MOU between the MDNR and MNG was highlighted on the front page of the Avalanche. As previously noted we also received a response from State Senator Hoitenga indicating she is communicating the public concerns to MDNR leadership.
  3. Grey Rock Rod Builders Event-Successful
  4. Trash Receptacle at Access site Donated by Boardman River Clean Sweep Non-profit was installed and will be serviced by the Township.
  5. A Cease-and-Desist Letter for an un-approved STR was issued and responded to by the owner.

Regular Business closed at 10:37


  • Jo Johnson asked if the 300-foot STR offset for communications for neighbors of STRs still applied even if there were no houses present. Neumann indicated that it was.
  • Robert Krepps expressed disappointment with the maintenance of Neumann’s Landing vegetation during the 4th of July Holiday. The challenge is to balance esthetics with DNR requirement for a “natural” setting at the facility.
  • Bill Gregorski commented regarding the number of “bait” fishing incidents he has observed at the landing, which he considers a great asset to the township. He asked if signage could be increased at the landing on the approaches.  There was general agreement that this was problem and Neumann will pursue with the DNR.
  • Public Comment Closed at 10:45

Motion to Adjourn By Neumann, Support by Lovell, Motion Carried by Voice Vote

Meeting Adjourned at 10:46

Next Regular Meeting of Lovells Township Board will be held Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 10:00 AM at this location.



Respectfully Submitted,


Kenneth F. Ball

Lovells Township Clerk