Board Meetings

Approved Minutes Lovells Township Board Meeting Jan, 9 2024

Approved Feb 13, 2024

Regular Meeting of the Lovells Township Board

January 09, 2024


PRESENT:  Cheryl Hopp, Heather Lovell, Ken Ball, Tamara Kengel and Gary A. Neumann.


ALSO PRESENT  Dave Soderquist, Jo Johnson, Ann C Duby, Joanne Phillips, Sally Brand.

Supervisor Neumann called the Board Meeting to order at 10:00AM   followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Reading and approval of the minutes of our Regular Board Meeting December 12, 2023.  Clerk Ball noted a few typos. Neumann moved to accept the minutes from November 14 as corrected, Lovell supported.  Voice Vote:  All Ayes.  MOTION CARRIED

PRE-PAID VOUCHERS:            Neumann moved, Lovell supported a motion to approve pre-paid vouchers From December 8, 2023 through January 3, 2024 as presented:  General Fund totaling $6,109 Direct Deposit Checks totaling $5604.47 ; Fire Fund totaling $8,081.55; Landfill Fund totaling $5,791.89; and Liquor Fund totaling $11.72.  An extra set of IRS tax payments due to a shortfall notification by the IRS for September’s payment was noted as well as several fire equipment maintenance items. In a roll call vote:  All Ayes.  MOTION CARRIED.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer’s December Report Received and Accepted as Presented.

Quarterly Profit and Loss Statement:  December Report Received and Accepted as Presented.  It was noted that the P&L statement now contains several new lines associated with our efforts to better account for property tax intake and dispersal.



Assessing- Notices to be mailed in late February via means discussed in New Business Item #2

Fire/EMS Department – 4 Fire Runs and 8 Medical runs in December 2023.  Total for year 2023 was 82- Runs broken down as 25 Fire Calls and 57 Medical Calls.  This is in line with historic averages.

Cemetery Sexton- No Activity

Liquor Inspector- 3 Inspections, no issues noted

Zoning Administrator – No Permits Issued

Zoning Enforcement Officer- A “trash” complaint on Big Creek Trail is being worked.  A travel trailer improperly situated off Welch Trail is under investigation.


Parks and Rec- No activity to report.

Board of Review – Training is available at Treetops 2/7/24. Next BOR Meeting is in March.

Historical Society – Activities are in the “quiet” season.

Crawford County Planning Commission (CCPC)No Report

Lovells Township Planning Commission (LTPC) – The Planning Commission held an organization meeting on Monday January 8, 2024.   Officers were selected as follows: Rick Wright, Chair, Nancy Simonelli, Vice-Chair, Tamara Kengel Secretary.  The PC will be working on a Lighting Ordinance outline and there will be a rehearing of the SUP case regarding 11075 Twin Bridge on January 11 at 1:30 PM at the Township Hall.

Zoning Board of Appeals – The application that was pending due to lack of payment will proceed now as payment of the ZBA hearing fee has been received.

Lovells Media and Reading Center – New donations to the library of a series of books was noted.


  • STR Licensing Ordinance Update. We have requested and confirmed a meeting with our Attorney, Bryan Graham on January 11, 2024 to meet with Board Members here in Lovells to review the community input and discuss how this can be translated into ordinance language.



  • New Business:
  1. Supervisor Neumann reviewed the previously provided proposed budgets for the General and Liquor fund for FY ’24-’25. He noted several updates which were discussed and agreed to by the board.  It was also discussed that due to declining revenue provided by the state for liquor inspections we will once again experience a shortfall in this fund.  Neumann Moved, Lovell supported to transfer $600 from the General Fund to the Liquor Fund as a “solvency reserve”.  Roll Call all Ayes, Motion Passed.  Neumann proposed draft salary resolution numbers for Supervisor ($19,883.61), Treasurer ($19,984.32) and Trustees ($2,464.66) based on COLA and extra “off-schedule” days required by the Treasurer to comply with their statutory duties.  The Clerk’s resolution will be held in abeyance until the impact of Election law changes on the hours needed by the Clerk are clarified.  All other rates are proposed to be increased by COLA of 3.4% for FY ’24-’25.  These will be subject to a Public Hearing held coincidental to the February Board Meeting.
  2. Discuss and decision the acceptance of KCI proposal to process and mail Assessment Notices for 2024 at a total cost of $1,462.44 with an upfront postage charge of $887.44. Neumann moved, Hopp supported, to go forward with the purchase as described. In a Roll Call vote, all Ayes, Motion Carried.


  1. Adoption by the Board for updated IRS milage reimbursement rate of $0.67/mile for 2024. Neumann moved, Lovell supported, to go forward with the adjustment as described for all of calendar year 2024. In a voice vote, all Ayes, Motion Carried.
  2. Discussed the appointment of Ron Taillieu as an alternate member of the Board of Review. Ron has extensive experience serving the Township in various capacities. Neumann moved, Hopp supported, accept Ron in this position.  In a Voice Vote, motion carried.  Congratulations Ron !.



  • Informational Items
    • Lovells Township is 112 years young on January 8, and still looking good!
    • Township will Host Presidential Primary Election, Tuesday Feb 27th
    • Sherry Powers, District 6 County Commissioner has decided not to run for re-election. She wishes the Lovells Community to be aware of this decision at this early time and encourages Lovells residents to consider running for this position to keep our representation on the County Board.

Regular Business closed at 11:06


  • Dave Soderquist inquired if anything had been communicated by the County on the new proposed requirement for recycling of Organic Materials. We have not and suspect that the 2025 target date for implementation will likely move due to the complexities of what Lansing has wrought in this regard.
  • Ann Duby reminded us that postage rates will be going up as of January 21. We have already made a strategic purchase of postage prior to this date due to this exigency.
  • Motion to Adjourn by Neumann, Support by Lovell, Motion Carried by Voice Vote

Meeting Adjourned at 11:12

Next Regular Meeting of Lovells Township Board will be held Tuesday, February 13, 2023 at 10:00 AM at this location.



Respectfully Submitted,


Kenneth F. Ball

Lovells Township Clerk