Board Meetings

Approved Minutes of the Lovells Township August 8 Board Meeting

Approved @ Sept 12 Regular Board Meeting

Regular Meeting of the Lovells Township Board

August 8, 2023


PRESENT:  Cheryl Hopp, Heather Lovell, Ken Ball, Tamara Kengel and Gary A. Neumann.


ALSO PRESENT  Dave Soderquist, , Bill Gregorsky, Ann Duby, Sally Brand

Supervisor Neumann called the Board Meeting to order at 10:00AM   followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Reading and approval of the minutes of our Regular Board Meeting July 11, 2023.  No Questions/Comments. Neumann moved to accept the minutes from July 11, 2023 as read, Lovell supported.  Voice Vote:  All Ayes.  MOTION CARRIED

PRE PAID VOUCHERS:            Neumann moved, Lovell supported a motion to approve July pre-paid vouchers From June 29, 2023 through August 3, 2023 as presented:  General Fund totaling $18,798.95; Direct Deposit Checks totaling $4,296.33; Fire Fund totaling $11,289.65; Landfill Fund totaling $11,131.70; and Liquor Fund totaling $164.40.  Exceptional Items discussed were Deere and Co. Payment for the mower, Speed Sign Invoice, High traffic at the Transfer Stations.  In a roll call vote:  All Ayes.  MOTION CARRIED.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer’s July Report Received and Accepted as Presented.



Assessing20% of Properties in the Township are under Assessment Review per Michigan State Tax Commission Guidelines.  You may see assessing crew in the field at this time.

Fire/EMS Department –   Two Fire and Seven Medical Runs.

Cemetery Sexton- No Report

Liquor Inspector- 3 Inspections, No issues noted

Zoning Administrator – 2 Permits Issued: 1 Addition to a residence, 1 Pole Barn

Zoning Enforcement Officer – A case was reported to Lovells Township regarding alleged illegal activity along the river in the extreme south of the township.  Neumann performed an initial inspection and found potential violations regarding machining of land leading to and along the river.  No permit was requested or granted.  Neumann advised that a silt fence at a minimum would be required, which as agreed to.  Further, the complainant advised the State of Michigan about the potential violation who also inspected and have taken over adjudication and enforcement of this matter.


Board of Review – No activity

Historical Society – No Meeting was held, next meeting is due to be held the week of August 14th.  The Casting Clinic by Mark Hendricks on the grounds was attended by five persons and was a successful endeavor.  Lodge Tour has tickets still available.

Crawford County Planning Commission (CCPC)No Report

Lovells Township Planning Commission (LTPC) – 2 STRs were approved, one will be going for legal review.

Zoning Board of Appeals – No Activity

Lovells Media and Reading Center – Books for the Bridge Walk sale are being segregated and packed up.  The Library was gifted 100s of DVDs to add to our collection


  1. Parks and Recreation Committee Nomination of New Members.  Mike Thomas and Martha Duby were nominated by Neumann for the Parks committee.  Mike is a landowner adjacent to the Crossroads Park and thus has a vested interest in the subject.  Martha is a longtime resident and distinguished herself during the base expansion campaign.
    1. The Board unanimously approved the appointments. With that our five member Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is filled.
  2. Revised Township Flag design has been provided to Carrot-Top Industries for an updated quote. Feedback has not yet been received.


  1. Neumann appointed, subject to Board Approval Jan Orin to the Lovells Township Planning Commission. Jan and her husband are non-resident property owners who will represent that large constituency of property owners.  Jan would take over Tamara Kengel’s slot on the Planning Commission as she has moved into the ex-officio role on the Planning Commission as the Township Treasurer.
    1.  The Board unanimously approved the appointment. With that, our five-member Planning Commission is now filled.
  2. Neumann indicated that the Zoning Ordinance updates have been completed and reviewed. As printed copies of the now compiled updates are required for various internal and external stakeholders, he is requesting and expenditure of up to $750.00 to Wade-Trim to produce said hard copies of the updated Zoning Ordinances.
    1. Neumann Moved, Kengel supported the approval for up $750 USD for Ordinance Printing. All Ayes, Motion Carried.


  1. Artificial Files Only Sign Ordered by MDNR for the Access Site. We will ask for 2 one at the parking lot and one at the rivers’ edge.
  2. Draft Fire/EMS Landfill Budgets for FY ‘24-’25 has been passed to Board Members for Review
  3. 911 Central Dispatch for Crawford County is moving from Crawford Sherriff’s Office to MSP Post Gaylord. This is a technology driven change expected to enhance service for non-traditional telephone users.
  4. RADAR Speed sign has arrived and will replace the county provided one, once it is cycled out at CR612 near the Commercial District.
  5. The CR612 Bridge over Big Creek work has commenced.

Regular Business closed at 10:38


  • Bill Gregorsky commented regarding the quality of the board minutes now being published. Thank you for the recognition!
  • Dave Soderquist inquired if the County Wide Recycling effort had progressed. No word on this proposal since the presentation.  Also Dave inquired if the Fire Barn extension was moving forward.  Neumann indicated that that proposal is under reconsideration due to the lack of recruits to man any additional equipment that might be put in said barn annex.  Other more immediate needs are being considered.
  • Ball mentioned an effort to consolidate and organize the Township’s Cemetery Data and perhaps move toward a digital solution. More to come as these ideas are crystalized.
  • Public Comment Closed at 10:45

Motion to Adjourn By Neumann, Support by Lovell, Motion Carried by Voice Vote

Meeting Adjourned at 10:46

Next Regular Meeting of Lovells Township Board will be held Tuesday, September 12, 2023 at 10:00 AM at this location.



Respectfully Submitted,


Kenneth F. Ball

Lovells Township Clerk